About Us

Founded in December of 2015, MFEO Matches is on its way to making a real difference in the Canadian music scene. In our first month we had already partnered with Andrew McMahon (of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin), and his organization the Dear Jack Foundation, to host stem cell donor drives on his Canadian tour dates. While working with the team at Canadian Blood Services, our goal is to increase their donor numbers each year, through our presence at music-related events across the country.

MFEOM founder Laurel Moring has a strong foundation in cancer-related volunteerism, including previous work with the Dear Jack Foundation, and leading a Light the Night team to raise over $25,000 for blood cancer research in just four years. You can learn more about her journey with[out] cancer here.

While the MFEO Matches volunteer organization is still very much in its infancy, our team has a strong commitment to this cause, and we are working hard to grow and expand where we can. Since our organization’s inaugural event at Andrew’s Toronto date in July 2016 we have accumulated a total of 185 registrations! We have some pretty great events in our schedule, be sure to check them out here. We are looking forward to continuing to grow and hitting some ambitious goals in the future. We will be joining many more of Andrew’s tours, as well as appearing at a whole slew of different venues and events, and we look forward to seeing you out in this wild world of ours.

If you would like to help MFEOM, there are a couple of ways you can do that. Head over to contribute to find out more.

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