Giving Tuesday


Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, the day where after the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, we give back to the organizations we care about.

We are quickly coming up on the one year anniversary of launching the idea that was MFEO Matches. There have been many logistics to work out and lots of behind the scenes projects this year, but with that all under our belts we are ready to make incredible strides in 2017 to save lives! Unfortunately we cannot do that without your help.

We are seeking out donations to help us cover some of the many costs of running an organization in its infancy, and at this time that includes the immediate need of our renewal fees for our website hosting service ($193), one year of liability insurance so we can host events independently of our friends at Canadian Blood Services ($1000), and the replenishment of the marketing materials we have used up and other various supplies.

Starting this organization has been a dream come true, and we have many exciting prospects in the near future, but we can’t continue on without your support. So tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday, we ask that you open your hearts to this little organization that CAN. Matches save lives, but we need to start by finding them. Please help us follow our hearts in doing just that. Please head to our Go Fund Me campaign if you can contribute, even $1 makes a difference.

Happy holidays, and thank you so much for your incredible generosity and support over the last year. We are so so grateful.

Have you registered to be on the bone marrow registry? Click here to find out more. Your match could save a life, you could be MFEO.



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