Happy Re-Birthday!

By now most of you know that MFEO Matches was brought to fruition due to inspiration from a conversation with Andrew McMahon about his disappointment that his friends at Love Hope Strength couldn’t register Canadians for the bone marrow registry on his tour. And so, with the help of Andrew’s charity the Dear Jack Foundation, we started this organization to fill that need. To follow in LHSF’s footsteps, and hopefully save some lives through our commitment to this cause. Without Andrew’s life story, and his presence in our lives over the last fifteen years, we wouldn’t exist.

That is what makes August 23rd a special day for our organization. 11 years ago today, Andrew received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from his sister. What’s even more incredible about this process for him is that family members account for less than 25% of matches. That is why we are doing what we’re doing, and why we need you to sign up for the stem cell registry. In honour of our friend Andrew’s re-birthday, please head over to the Canadian Blood Services website and register now. Make sure you share with us (on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) that you’ve done it, whether it was today or in the past, so we can celebrate your commitment to saving lives! Your match could save a life, you could be MFEO.

Happy re-birthday Andrew, see you soon friend.


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