Registration Record in Toronto!

From the desk of MFEO Matches founder Laurel Moring:

Last night far exceeded our expectations! Not only did we get to meet a ton of awesome Andrew McMahon fans, but we were able to educate so many people on the registry and the donation process. As always, our volunteers were vital to the success of the event, and we couldn’t have done any of it without them!

We also need to thank Andrew for the heartfelt shoutout he gave us from the stage which sent us an end of night rush like nothing we’ve ever seen before! He put on an incredible show, and we were so grateful to have been able to watch him perform to a sold out venue during our slow moments!

We finished at the end of the night with a total of 94 registrations! Not only was this a record for our organization, but it was a record for all the nights of Andrew’s tour, and while beating a past benchmark isn’t at all important, all of those potential donors are! Thank you to each and every one of you who signed up last night. Your match could save a life, you could be MFEO.

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